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"Be kind whenever possible. It's always possible" – The Dalai Lama

Lucid Dreams


I’ve always been a little unsettled with the idea of being unconscious for a third of my life. What a waste of life! But alas, going without sleep altogether has proven to be extremely unpleasant, and even dangerous. Luckily, there is another way to make a meaningful use of the night without forgoing sleep.

Those who become proficient in dream yoga are able to maintain a clear consciousness throughout their dreams; have lucid dreams (dreams where they can act with conscious intention); and thus, continue their spiritual practice while asleep. What an incredible prospect – to meditate on compassion or the wisdom that understands selflessness while sleeping!

This is something I certainly aspire towards. Tonight, I will hold this aspiration in mind as I lie down to sleep. Wishing strongly to stay conscious during my sleep will plant the seeds in my mind for me to be able to do so. It will enhance my mind’s clarity so that I do not as easily fall into sleep’s blank stupor. Eventually, I will be able to use sleep for more than just revitalizing myself.

Since my mind is the creator of my happiness and suffering, it will be very worthwhile to use it constructively at every chance I get, continuously removing mental factors which cause of suffering and creating causes of happiness. Plus, with the nature of dreams being as they are, it could be quite amusing.


Author: Jonathan Owen

Just another human being.

2 thoughts on “Lucid Dreams

  1. Good luck with the dream yoga! From my expereince, the dream yoga helps me to better understand the illusory nature of the waking state: dream or reality, it seems that it may all be just a creation of the mind.

    • Thank you! I can’t say I’m at a point where I can engage in a genuine practice of dream yoga, but just trying to maintain conscious awareness during dreams seems to be a good practice for me. I’m glad you’ve gained some insight from your practice. That may be its greatest import.

      The subtle thing to understand is that even though our mind is creating our experience, that does not render things totally non-existent. Cause and effect still function without a hitch.

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