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A Break in the Routine

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One benefit that comes from extraordinary weather is that it puts a little kink in the cog of our automatic lives. In some ways this can be bothersome, but I appreciate it. If we never had anything unusual happen, we could go on for a whole lifetime in factory mode, just repeating our day-in-day-out habits like a robot. Ick!

These types of break in our usual routine help us to stop and breath. We can take a fresh look at our world and are forced to acknowledge that, no matter how much of a superpower our nation is, we don’t actually have complete control over everything. We don’t have much bona fide control over anything.

Then, when that really big break in the routine – the ceasing of the continuity of this life – comes, we can be at least somewhat prepared.

Tonight, I’ll rest for a few moments in the space of awareness that doesn’t try to grab onto solid ground. I’ll allow myself to experience some freedom from “the world according to my expectations.” Even if I successfully line up all my ducks in a row and organize my life perfectly, things will not go as I plan.

I’ll let go of my plans and my routines in order to experience freedom. This freedom will also allow me to be more open and fully present with other beings, because my agenda will not weigh so heavily on my mind. It will allow me to look inward at my own state of mind, instead of constantly looking ahead to the next activity.


Author: Jonathan Owen

Just another human being.

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