Clear Motivation

"Be kind whenever possible. It's always possible" – The Dalai Lama

Why have a clear motivation?

Each day, I frequently lose track of what I’m doing and how I, as a part of our world, might benefit others. I decided to spend a few moments each morning cultivating a constructive motivation that I will be able to recollect throughout the day.

These words are intended to focus attention on a good human quality or impel us to reflect on some universal aspect of human experience.

Though based in the Buddha’s teaching of non-harming and his insight of interdependence, these are accessible and applicable to people of any philosophical/religious/secular persuasion.

Motivation is important. In any given scenario, from the mundane activity of going to the toilet to timely life-or-death situations of seeing someone drop to the ground in cardiac arrest, there are a slew of possible courses of action. However, no matter which actions we choose to do, the outcome is not completely in our control. Seemingly helpful or altruistic actions might end up leaving someone hurt.

The real determinant of the relative goodness or virtue of any action is our internal motivation. By acting with love, the wish for others to have happiness, our actions create imprints that will inevitably bring a positive result (albeit, not always immediately). But if we act with even a subtle, unconscious motivation of ill-will, spite, or any other intention based in concern for oneself and disregard for others, then an unpleasant result will follow.

I share my motivation here to help reinforce it. Perhaps a positive thought will also be of use to someone else.


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